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High Falls Trail (HUGE CLIFFS & CRAZY KIDS!) - Malone, New York!


Quote From Northern New York Waterfalls Website

One of the many High Falls in northern New York, this one is quite impressive. To access the waterfall, you must enter through the park store, which is at the end of a short entrance drive. There is a modest charge of $3 for adults (in 2017), $2 for students and age 55 and over.

This is up a dollar a pop since our last visit in 2011. Although many waterfall lovers would rather see falls in the wilds, the charge at this privately run campground is very reasonable and well worth it. As a private facility, it is only operated seasonally. They are only open May 1 through october 15, later if Mother Nature allows it. The hike to the falls is less than 2/10 of a mile, but the last 350 feet or so is a stairway to the bottom of the gorge. There were either 208 or 209 steps, depending who in our party was counting, comprised of a combination of wooden and natural stone steps.

The walk down wasn't bad, but coming back up could wind the less agile! Considering the convenience of these steps, you will appreciate the modest admission charge. This would be one difficult trek without them. Made up of four steps, this 120' cascade is nothing short of beautiful. The best views of it are from the base but you can also access it on an upper trail and see the dam above it and the top of the falls.

A note of clarification ... There are only a few public Adirondack locations that we know of where you will have to pay an admission to see the waterfalls. This is one of a couple of others where you have to pay, but it is not within the Adirondack Park boundary. The Chateaugay River flows north and crosses the NY-Canadian border just a few miles downstream from this site. It then empties into the St. Lawrence River near Montreal. ===============================================


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