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About Outdoors Sometimes Weekly

My name is Craig MacDonald, and I'm an exploration addict, but I wasn't always this way... A few years back I took some time off from my office cubical job to 'find myself', and I'm happy to report I did - on the trails of Fundy National Park.

It was there, immersed in nature and exploring strange new places, that I emerged from each trail feeling more authentic and contented with who I am and why I am here. I became a better father, husband, businessman, and perhaps most importantly, felt connected to God.

Once reality hit, and the days of 'finding myself' met the need to bring in some money, I realized getting out in nature was becoming difficult. I eventually coined the phrase that, "I was outdoors, sometimes weekly". I bet you feel the same way sometimes.

There are many people, just like us, wishing they could escape the seemingly endless grind of life at least once a week to get outdoors on a bigger adventure than our neighborhood or local gym. It was in the midst of this realization that OSW's mission was born: to bring the adventure to you.
Since most nature lovers are too busy to go on an adventure every week, they often
stay at home only to dream of exciting adventures that could be.


OSW quenches your thirst for exploration by bringing the adventure to you. Whether
you came to enjoy our videos, apparel, home decor or outdoor gear, one thing is clear: