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Outdoors Sometimes Weekly offers the following affordable for hire services (some for as little as free entry while making the video):

  • Trail Hiking/Biking Videos - Review, promotion & recommendations
    • Will record videos in National, State/Provincial Parks, private camp grounds or bike trails. No trail is too short (I think).
      • Time Lapse (4 hour hikes turn into 10 minute videos)
      • Real Time (4 hour hike, 4 hour video)
  • Outdoor Adventure Videos - Review, promotion & recommendations
    • Do you own a business featuring a zip line, white water rafting, mountain biking, bird/animal watching, outdoor guided tours, outdoor ghost tours, water tubing, fishing, helicopter rides or other outdoor adventure? This service could be for you.
    • We bring weekly content to our viewers which will give you exposure and also give you a video that can be shared on your social media or email lists. 

If you would like your outdoor activity recorded and promoted, please use the contact form below!

Outdoors Sometimes Weekly is also looking for video recommendations:

        • Do you know of an exciting adventure that you think viewers would love to see and are free to explore?
          • Use the contact form below to let us know about those hidden gems as well!

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