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Shoveler Pond Trail - Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge, Part 2 | Anahuac, Texas

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"The Shoveler Pond Trail includes the Butterfly and Hummingbird Habitat, the Willows Trail, and the Shoveler Pond Loop, which encircles a 220-acre freshwater impoundment with opportunities to view alligators, birds, and other marsh wildlife. The refuge encompasses more than 34,000 acres bordering Galveston Bay.

It contains bayous that meander through floodplains, creating an extensive coastal marsh-and-prairie landscape. Southerly breezes from the Gulf of Mexico result in high humidity, and an average rainfall of more than 51 inches. Anahuac is an Aztec word meaning watery plain; however, there is no connection between the area and the Aztecs. Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge is a recognized stop on the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail.

Difficulty: Easy

Surface: Dirt and gravel, some paved


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